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Warning: the stories below may contain explicit adult language. I have tried to prevent any truely disgusting words from making it on these stories but strong language found in every day life might be found in these stories. If such things offend you, I sugguest you probably shouldn't read them.

Andrews Boys (11-1)


Various Short Stories/Pictures.

Various stories.

I had a Partner, Right? by Demon (10/1/97)

Money Back Guarantee by DenM (8/24/97)

One Bloody Mage by Nostradomus (8/24/97)

The Peon Zoo by Copper (8/24/97)

Peon Assassination Squad by Shlonglor (8/24/97)

Druken Dor by Shlonglor (8/24/97)

Dissapearing Act! by LiquidCrack (7/8/97)

Do Subs Suck? (7/1/97)

Revenge of the Grunts. by Broccolist (6/14/97)

Speed Hikers Really Suck. by Nostrardomus (6/13/97)

The Drunk Smurf by Smacks/Thanis/wise-man (5/12/97)

Jonny*'s Back! by Jonny* (4/28/97)

The Steve Borosh Saga. (4/12/97)

Silverwolf the War 2 Whore. by The Kali Crew (4/1/97)

Clash of the Titans (3/1/97)

Shlonglor kicks some MO FO Booty! (2/27/97)

Peon Wars Part 3 (2/26/97)

Who is the Human Master?(The Longest game ever) (2/26/97)

2 OLD Iwl Stories. by Marshall (2/25/97)

Bullship (Sun was a Newbie) by Shlonglor/LrdSchroeder (2/19/97)

Shlonglor Smurfs Backlash 2 times. (2/18/97)

Shaf's Smurf Attempt Part 2 (FAILED) (2/18/97)

Worst War 2 Player Ever! (2/13/97)

Massive POS combat. (Warning, LOTS of pictures) (8/3/96)

Who got the kills? (7/30/96)

Not really a story. (7/30/96)

Shlong kickass @$$ for once. (7/30/96)

A Picture Speaks...(7/30/96)

Another Huge Game. by TheWitch (5/12/96)

My first Partner. by Indigo (5/6/96)

No way that we should have won. by Shlonglor/Aldmehr (5/6/96)

Another he thought it was over story. by Anand Ramakrishnan (5/3/96)

Elfen Magic. by Vermeer (4/28/96)

Osric wins! by Ayyo (4/17/96)

Some short stories. by Marshall (4/17/96)

Gotcha and his wacky stuff.(4/16/96)

Love them Scots. by Adam Grant (4/15/96)

Gotcha and I vs 6 Players Allied! (4/14/96)

Another Punk by Mordavian/Vermeer (5/3/96)

The Newbie! by Jamie/ZeroK (4/10/96)

Never give up! by {{Megatron}} (4/10/96)

And he thought it was over. by Thorax/Zarathustra (4/7/96)

Back at you!. (4/6/96)

Gar's Story. by Gar (4/6/96)

Hiding in the Ruins. by Biz (4/1/96)

Barracks first on Low? by Marshall (4/1/96)

Stabbed in the back. by Marshall (3/30/96)

Don't play with Monsters!. by Anonymous (3/24/96)

Tower sucks. by Cadaver (3/24/96)

The story with no title. by Gar/Cadaver (3/23/96)

Not another stalemate story by Enrique (3/22/96)

Another smurf story by Enrique (3/22/96)

Smurfed in the back. (3/20/96)

Fatsmurf and Thinsmurf by Anonymous (3/20/96)

Taco Time! (3/18/96)

Sapper City (3/18/96)

The Smurfs smurf some more smurf (3/17/96)

Megatron and Machiavelli vs Krieg and R-Dawg by {{Megatron}} (3/17/96)

Muhahahahaha (3/17/96)

Yet more about this punk! (punks part 3). by Jonny* (3/13/96)

No attacking Secondary Town halls! (more about punks). by Enrique (3/13/96)

A couple of punks. by Vermeer (3/11/96)

1 Bloody Knight! (3/9/96)

It's just a game. by Vermeer (3/9/96)

The Smurfs Smurf themselves some Smurf at War2! by Warp (3/8/96)

Vermeer vs Shoey! by Vermeer/Shoey (3/4/96)

The coolest Teammate ever! by FireStarter (3/2/96)

The Ultimate free for all! by Shaf (2/23/96)

Stormreaver wins it's first out of clan battle! (2/19/96)

The rematch. (2/19/96)

High Seas Combat! by Tou (2/9/96)

Flap Jack, A player on Kali, really sucks! (1/27/96)

Warpmaster played Gryphon man. (1/27/96)

I played one of the coolest games ever! (1/27/96)