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Flapjack, the real crappy player on Kali, really sucks!

Last Updated 1/27/96

FlapJack, a player on Kali, really sucks! Here is what happened. I served a game on Kali at my ip. I was serving that Warcraft 2 game also. I picked a water level, because I like water levels. Then Flapjack said Water levels suck. So I said "Then you must suck at warcraft 2 then." So I forgot what he said back but I launched the game with the Spiral Map. It was me a player named Undefeated and Flapjack. So we started the game. The spiral level starts out default, with one peasant, town hall, catapult, and 2 grunts. So Flapjack, complains "This level already has stuff built", which is a valid complaint I guess but he should have told me before I launched it. So I said "thats how this level starts newbie". So he goes something like I'm no newbie, I'm the master of warcraft 2.

So We play on. I found Undefeated and started attacking him. I destroyed Undefeated's foundry, catapult, and started to destroy his shipyard. Then Undefeated types "Glittering Prizes". He thought the cheats would work to save him. BUT THE CHEATS WERE OFF!!! So I type "Fuck you cheatmaster" hahahahahahahaha. Then Undefeated attacked me with some subs. I did not have a flying machine yet so I ran. I had One Juggernaught left and as I ran away I found Flapjack. He was just building his Shipyard!! I already had 3 juggernaughts. That alone shows he sucks. So I attacked his shipyard and he started complaining that I was attacking him! He said something like I'm a cheap ass for relying on ships and for only building ships. It's a ship level, what the fuck else was I supposed to build? So I made an airship and came and killed Undefeated's subs. Then Flapjack built another shipyard. So I went and destroyed it too. He started really crying. He said I was a loser for picking a ship level and land levels are for real players. He said something about ship levels need transports to attack each other. He said real men play on land. So just then Undefeated invaded me and I had no army. So Flapjack who was watching the battle with his flying machine, types something like: look who can't fight on land. So I eventually fought off Undefeated's invasion. I attacked with all my peasants, haha. Then Flapjack built a 3rd shipyard. So I went and destroyed it and he started attacking me with Gryphons. So I just brought up my destroyers and attacked his gryphons. So HE RAN AWAY. hahaha. He just kept cussing me out and complaining about ship levels. He said "You are just picking on me, you're ganging up on me." I said "there is no ganging up, I'm kickin both your asses." So then Flapjack invades my island with the one transport he had. His sends a bunch of footmen and some knights that were only at level 1!! So I killed his ass with all my level 3 Ogres. I type "Real nice land attack." He could not even beat me on land. So he types: looks like someone is changing their strategy. So I said "you suck go learn how to play warcraft 2". He said something about land levels and I said "go play war1 loser". Then he just kept cussing me out and putting all these meaningless excuses for why he was losing on the screen. Then a little while later, Either because he quit or it locked on him or whatever, he dropped out of the game. I started thrashing on Undefeated and he left the game too. Undefeated was an okay player. He at least adjusted his strategies and did not complain when he was attacked. And he wasn't that bad of player besides the cheat thing he tried.

Summary: You have to really suck at Warcraft 2 when you are reduced to blaming everything but the real reason for your loss. Flapjack lost because he was a bad player. If I lose, I don't go making excuses, I give the player credit for killing me and tell them they are good. That is unless there was some obvious excuse, like your teammate dropped or sucked really bad or the like. This just shows Flapjack has no class, no honor, no integrity, no playing ability. There is no cheap shots in War 2 except when it comes to cheats like Undefeated tried, haha. If someone can't play sea levels then they should just admit it, learn how to, or not even play a ship level at all. There was nothing keeping Flapjack in the game. He could have quit at any time. He didn't start complaining until I started kicking his ass! Well I flamed him enough and he deserves it. Thanks for reading all this. I'm still pretty pissed, so that is why this is so long. :-D. Some Master of Warcraft 2 Flapjack was!

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