Invading the Firefox Marketplace

Another day, another marketplace to list your apps in. This time it's the Firefox Marketplace, the new hotspot for "HTML5" apps. I recently registered as a developer and uploaded Nonogram Madness and Shikaku Madness.

Not really much to report, I had to make a few tweaks to both games to ensure they ran OK on the Firefox OS simulator, but aside from that it was easy to create an account and get both apps approved. Yes, your apps have to be vetted in the Firefox Marketplace, which is kind of annoying, but I guess it makes sense to have some level of curation to weed out malware, useless software, etc. My positive experience was that while both my apps had an initial bug (only counted iOS + Android as having touchscreen support, not Firefox OS), I fixed the problem and didn't have to wait another week for them to be reviewed again; they were live that same day.

One kinda cool thing is that if you download Firefox Aurora (the "beta" version of the next Firefox release), you can install webapps locally on your computer; they get a native app wrapper, so you can launch them just like regular programs. Give it a shot, Mozilla has been doing a lot of cool things recently, so it's worth checking out Firefox again.