Shikaku Madness on Google Play

Another day, another app store. Here's Shikaku Madness on Google Play. I was able to use my brand new Nexus 7 to test/publish an Android Cordova build of the game.

Unfortunately, the Javascript performance of the Android WebView isn't quite as good as the iOS UIWebView; the main user interaction (tap + drag to create rectangles) is faster on my two year-old iPhone 4 than on the Nexus 7. However, CSS transitions perform great on both devices.

I was hoping to integrate a Google Play in-app billing Cordova plugin, so as to make the game available for free (and sell additional puzzles), but the only plugin I could find didn't seem to be very robust, and didn't work for me "out of the box." I considered writing my own plugin, but that in itself is kind of a daunting task, due to the fact that I have no Android/Java experience. Who knows, maybe if I get real bored (or if the Android version doesn't sell any copies) I might try to make a free version.

In any case, if you have an Android device, check it out!

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