Shikaku Madness on the Mac App Store

Just a quick note to say that I ponied up the $100 to publish apps on the Mac App Store, and dropped a copy of Shikaku Madness in there. It's part of my experiment to port "HTML5" games to as many platforms as I possibly can. I was inspired by Lost Decade Games, who wrote up a basic tutorial about embedding a Javascript app into a Cocoa WebView. Unfortunately, their tutorial is slightly out of date, so I spent a bit of time struggling to find a way around some annoying issues. One of the weird quirks of the WebView is that it doesn't persist localStorage by default, and there is apparently no way to enable it without resorting to a private API call (which we all know, are the devil). The app was approved, though, which I guess means that particular call can slide under the radar. When I have more time, I'd like to learn more about writing an Objective-C/Javascript bridge (this is something that's officially supported; it's how Cordova/PhoneGap plugins are able to work) to implement in-app purchase.

I probably wasted a bit of time fussing around with creating my own custom project. However, the OS X Cordova port is pretty bare bones at this point, which is why I didn't use it. Maybe a better choice would have been to try MacGap?

In any case, if you haven't yet, you can check out Shikaku Madness in the Mac App Store.

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