Hmm, updates.

During periods of reduced productivity, the blog is inevitably the first thing to be neglected. The past two months have found me struggling to keep up active game development, mainly due to an inconsistent work schedule. And by "work," I mean "sleeping baby." I realize that's no excuse, and simply need to shift my mindset to getting work done every day, regardless of the time.

While I haven't released any new games since color + shape, I have done significant updates to Nonogram Madness and Revolve Ball. In addition to completely reworking the graphics and music for both games, I've created "lite" versions of the apps. I'm curious to see if there will be any noticeable difference in download volumes. Each lite app has a prominent "upgrade" button on the title screen, and includes the first few levels from each game. After completing all the demo levels, an upgrade scene is shown, describing the extra features of the full version of the game. Each "upgrade" button actually uses a LinkShare affiliate URL, in an attempt to track conversions.

EDIT: I'm actually pretty disappointed in the conversion rate for the "lite" apps. For a few days, it seemed like sales of Nonogram Madness were up by a decent margin, but they have since returned to normal levels. Even more disappointing was the Revolve Ball demo. It's been out two days and had 1200 downloads, with 4 sales of the full version. I don't regret spending the time to program these updates, because I feel like the games are more indicative of where I currently am as a game programmer. However, from a financial standpoint it was pretty much not worth it. The goal was to increase awareness and presence in the App Store, but the games just must not be compelling enough.

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