Weekend? What's that?

Due to elements beyond my control, I'm now being forced to work on Saturdays, with Sunday and Monday off. This really wouldn't be such a bad thing (actually, it is a bad thing, because national holidays that fall on a Monday now mean absolutely nothing), except that it totally throws off my internal clock: I know that today is Sunday, but it doesn't FEEL like Sunday. It doesn't feel like anything, actually, but at least I don't have to work, which puts a postive spin on the entire situtation.

I showed Brendan a picture I had taken of him. "My head seems small," he noted.

Links for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure; far be it from me to force you into automatic acceptance of something I find amusing):

What would you pay for gas?
This is not the next Bemani game, although it would be cool if it was.

Speaking of Bemani, I played Guitar Freaks and Pop'n Music today. Watching crazy Japanese kids absolutely go nuts on these games always makes me think that it's really quite a waste. Here they are learning a skill that is in no way transferrable; it gives no benefit other than itself. When the arcade stops carrying that game, it doesn't matter how good you are, all your efforts are basically thrown away. I still stand by my idea of making music games that use real notation, where at least the kid would learn how to read sheet music, if nothing else.

I also went to an amazing store today, where everything costs 390 yen. This in and of itself is not particularly amazing. The amazing thing is the variety of the store's products. In one box, they had a large stack of old, 50's era full page advertisements. There were piles of American licence plates (kinda cool for Japanese folks). They had actual USED CLOTHING, stuff that I would ACTUALLY BUY, all the same price. I ended up buying one of the old advertisements, because it seemed appropriate.

I really need to go out and take pictures of drunken Japanese people sitting under cherry trees

Hey, you should all keep playing rock/scissors/paper

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